Rodrigue Fouafou

Rodrigue Fouafou, who goes by Rod, is a seasoned entrepreneur who has a proven track record of successfully launching and scaling new business ventures. Originally from Bafoussam, West Cameroon, Rod graduated with honours from the University of Ottawa’s School of Information Technology and Engineering with a degree in computer engineering. Subsequently, Rod forged a successful career at IBM and Nortel. In 2009, Rod resigned from Nortel to co-found an online venture known as Gourmandia and Gourmetrecipe. With Rod as Gourmandia’s chief operating officer (COO), quickly became the fourth most popular social networking site for food lovers, garnering more than 16.5 million monthly views. Rod has a strong background in technology, a passion for entrepreneurship, and the ability to lead with impressive results. Additionally, Rod offers a wealth of knowledge and connections in the African startup scene. From mobile money operators and tech firms to media companies and e-commerce establishments, Rod has a vast network of reliable partners in Africa. Rod currently mentors young entrepreneurs while serving on the board of 15 promising startups.

Marc Andre Hart

Marc Andre Hart is a successful  Canadian entrepreneur and financial advisor who has extensively worked with various organizations .  He is a firm believer of progress and positive psychology, he has an unwavering passion for arts, philosophy, and African culture. Marc   is the co-founder and chief strategy officer  of hartnamtemah inc, an investment firm based in Toronto, Canada which specializes in mentoring and strategic planning for African Startups.


After spending decades in the entrepreneurship field, Marc displays various skills from  leadership,management, strategic orientation and business development. He is passionate about finance, economics, and foreign investment. Marc  is driven by creating impact and substantially developing the African Tech ecosystem and beyond.  He is a strong visionary with a unique ability to spur businesses to great achievements. 

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